Project Omaha

Project Omaha









Aliens are about to attack Earth and its water supply. It’s a race for Earth’s fate and the only thing that can save it is three little alien pilots with a fighter robot they haven’t mastered yet. They have to prove to the untrusting humans—and themselves—that they truly are Earth’s salvation.














For centuries the Triclod armies have moved through the galaxies. Their quest – water, to bring back to their own worlds. Cruel, vicious monsters, the Triclods take with them any water they find, and leave no survivors. In the distant Zedona Quadrant, one water covered planet remains. Prolonia. While vastly outnumbered, the Prolonians have repelled swarm after swarm of Triclod invaders with their brilliant battle tactics and their indestructible fighter ships, the Omaha robots.


But today the tide turns. Amidst the Omaha pilots, stands a traitor. The Omaha fighters soar from Prolonia in military formation toward the giant Triclod ships. The Triclod command ship releases a giant torpedo into space and creates a wormhole. Suddenly the traitor in one of the Omahas flies out of formation and leads the Triclods into battle against his own. In one fell swoop the entire fleet of Omahas and their pilots are sucked into oblivion by the cloaked wormhole.


With the Omahas gone, Triclod ships rain terror down on Prolonia. Saeeda, the creator of the Omaha robots, rushes thru the lab, grabbing anything she can carry. Most important to her are three test tubes containing the future of her species. Clutching the precious DNA of the Quadrant’s three top pilots in a little case, Saeeda climbs into an escape pod set to fly to the last known coordinates of three Omaha robots hidden for just this situation. Hidden on a small planet covered mostly with water. A small planet called Earth.
















Starring: Cast TBA
Genre:   Animated Sci-fi Adventure
Duration:  90 minutes 
Release Date: TBA
Format:   Full length feature film
Language:   English
Creators:   Mario Menjivar, Rosemary Riviera
Writer: TBA
Director:  TBA


Currently in development