Pastoral is the story of Jennifer, a young lady who works long hours in a coffee shop to support herself and her lay about boyfriend. It’s not the life she’s always dreamed of, but it’s a living, and in Jennifer’s mind that is better than nothing.


Intertwined with this story is a second story of a clown and a ballerina, which weaves through the main story.


Into the coffee house comes Jonathan, the brother of one of Jennifer’s co-workers. Jonathan wants to be a writer. He is interested in enjoying life, and has spent the last few years wandering across the country looking for the beauty in the world; mountains, flowers, the laugh of a child.














The clown’s love for the ballerina is obvious, and she enjoys his kindness and humor, that is, until a handsome pirate enters the picture.


As a friendship begins to grow between Jennifer and Jonathan, Jennifer comes to realize that there is much more to living than just earning a living. She begins to understand that she can have a better life, while Jonathan learns that simply wanting to be a writer is not enough. He has to take the first steps by sending in his work, and allowing it to be read.


The ballerina quickly drops the poor clown for the pirate, and dances with him until the pirate’s true colors are shown. As the pirate becomes angry, jealous, and ultimately violent, the clown comes to his beloved’s rescue, and ultimately sacrifices his life to save hers. The ballerina learns too late that she had and lost what she dreamed of. But in the real world Jennifer does learn in time how to take the first steps to make her dreams come true.


Written and Directed by Jay Shindell
Production Begins Spring 2018